BCLUW High School to Host Escher Traveling Exhibit

Students Will be Fascinated by Tessellation Master M.C. Escher!

      Conrad 12/15/08 - 12/19/08: BCLUW Art Department will be displaying a Teacher’s Discovery Traveling Exhibit featuring the fascinating paintings and drawings of the master of artistic illusion, M.C. Escher. The students and staff will enjoy the giant reproductions during the week of 12/15/08 - 12/19/08. The exhibit celebrates fine art and the lifelike drawing that you can’t tear your eyes from, including the famous Drawing Hands in which the two hands seem to draw each other!
      Students will experience a museum-like setting with displays of famous artists work, M.C. Escher. The large panels measuring 7” x 17’, 4’ x 8’, and 4’ x 4’ will provide a unique experience for all who see the art exhibit. Students will learn about the artist, art history, and cross-curricular connections of Escher’s work.
      Through a BCLUW Foundation Grant and PEP funding this exhibit, as well as two other exhibits and resources are made possible for the students, staff and the community. One resource is coordinating activity packs that will help guide the art students through each of the exhibits. Other resources that were funded by the BCLUW Foundation Grant and PEP are Graphic Posters, Career Collection Books and Posters. These resources are a valuable addition to the art department, helping students to stay current on techniques, careers and artists. The community is invited to enjoy each of the exhibits while you're walking in the morning or attending an event in the evening. Mark your calendar to see the other exhibits featuring artist Henri Rousseau on March 23th – 27th, and Salvador Dali on May 11th - 15th. For additional information you may contact Ms. Frost.