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Code  No. 710.4

School Food Program: Negative Balances

The BCLUW Community School District Food Service Department is a self-operating and self-sustaining program.  The Board of Education desires the BCLUW Community School District Food Services Department to be self-supporting, and therefore discourages general fund subsidies that could take away from other programs.  In order to maintain financial stability and equality for all lunch-paying students in the district, this policy regarding lunch accounts will be followed.  We encourage parents/guardians to use the online payment system the district has developed.

Breakfast and Lunch Policy - Staff and Students

It is recommended that parents or guardians strive to maintain a positive balance in the child/children’s food service account. Positive balances at the end of the school year are rolled over to the child’s account for the next school year. If the child moves or graduates, a refund check will be issued for any remaining positive balance.  If at any time a parent/guardian believes they may qualify for free or reduced lunches under federal guidelines, they should contact the Superintendent’s Secretary for the necessary paperwork.

Upon the first negative balance of any amount incurred, the food service department will contact the parent/guardian by phone, email, or a written letter indicating to the parent/guardian the balance owed. This will be done at a minimum of once weekly. 

If a negative balance of $25.00 or greater is reached, a letter will be sent home by the food service department/building secretary to the parent/guardian stating that his/her child has a negative balance and that, if the total family’s account reaches a debt of $50.00 or more,

-for an elementary or middle school student:  he/she will be required to bring a sack lunch, or the child will receive an alternate meal, such as a cheese or peanut butter sandwich, fruit, and milk instead of the regular hot lunch menu items.  A fee for the cost of these alternate lunches will be charged to the student’s account.

-for a high school student: he/she will not be allowed to accumulate an additional negative balance for meals, and the student will need to bring a sack lunch from home if he/she plans to eat at the school.

If a negative balance of $75 or greater is reached for any family, the parent will be sent notice from the business office stating that payment must be made within five business days of the date on the notice, or further collection procedures (small claims) could be pursued for payment on the account.  If a parent/guardian begins good faith efforts to make regular payments, as determined by the superintendent and food services director, towards eliminating the negative balance, the district may postpone additional collection procedures.  Payment on the account should cover the negative balance and create a positive balance of at least $10 in the child’s account.

Please note that money needs to be available in a child’s lunch account in order for extra meals, extra milks or snacks to be purchased. This applies to all students, including students from families participating in the free and reduced program.


Negative Balances

 Negative balances will be carried over to the following school year. These negative balances must be paid in full prior to school starting as a part of the school registration process. Parents with accounts in arrears will be asked to send a lunch from home until negative balances have been taken care of or a payment schedule arranged and adhered to. The school district and the food service department reserve the right to take any other reasonable action, including legal action, to collect the balance due in any student’s account.