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Fitness Center

BCLUW is opening the fitness center (for limited use and for a small fee) to community members, in order to help promote health and fitness and as an attraction for our community.  We are proud of the large investment recently made by our district into new equipment for the facility, and while the top priority will remain for student use, we are prepared to allow others in the community to take advantage of this opportunity.

Community use procedures and rules can be found HERE.

*The two forms you'll need to print (or pick up a copy from the superintendent's office) and turn in can be found HERE.


Fitness Center Procedures and Rules

To purchase an annual membership, there are three steps. 

1.  Sign a “BCLUW Agreement and Release of Liability” form

2. Make checks payable to the BCLUW (or use cash) for the proper amount. See below  for annual fees. Memberships run from January 1-December 31. Annual fees are due each year on January 1 in order for the key fob to remain active, NO REFUNDS. 

3. Stop by the Superintendent's office to drop off your:

  1. Membership Form

  2. “Agreement and Release of Liability” form 

  3. Payment.   

Afterwards (that day if feasible, but not guaranteed), you will be issued a Key Fob for only your use to the Fitness Center.  There is also a $10 deposit for a key fob, returnable when your membership ends and you turn in the fob.  There is a $20 charge to replace a lost key fob.  A membership starting August 1 or later will be half the fee listed.  In the event the district discontinues this program due to widespread abuse/rules violations, condition/messiness of the center, etc., a prorated amount will be refunded.

Annual Fee:   Funds collected may go towards things like utility costs associated with opening the facility outside school hours, upkeep of equipment, and periodic deep cleaning (users will be responsible for helping to keep the fitness center clean and organized on a daily basis in order for us to continue this program for the community).

$150   Single membership for community member in-district

$50     Year round membership for college students. Must show college ID

No charge     BCLUW Employee- Athletic Coach (in at least one official/paid position) 

$50      BCLUW Employee (other)

$250    Out-of-district membership

Membership Rules 

For ethical and liability reasons, the Key Fob to the Fitness Center should be used ONLY by the person who has paid to be a member. The center may be monitored both in-person and by review of footage from the installed camera system.

  • Do NOT “let others in” that may be at the door - you potentially put yourself at liability if doing so.  Those wanting in for community use need to take the required steps and pay the fee to get their own key fob for access.

  • Do NOT share this Key Fob with your children, spouse, friends, etc. 

Anyone in violation of the above rules as determined by district administration will be considered to have intentionally forfeited their membership and the key fob will be deactivated.  

HOURS  *All times are subject to change based on student use / activities.  If usage time changes, it will be posted on the doors*

The Fitness Center’s primary purpose is for student use - because of this, it will not be open to the public during the school day or before/after school when athletic programs or students may be using the facility.  Community use hours will generally be (key fob will work to gain access):

Mornings:  Monday - Friday  5:00 AM - 6:00 AM

Evenings:  Monday - Thursday & Sunday  6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

  *Summer hours may be expanded, to be determined*

TO RENEW MEMBERSHIP: Send or drop off your Membership Form payment, made payable to BCLUW, to the Superintendent's office. Your Key Fob will be reactivated – we do not need to see your Key Fob to reactivate it. 

TO CANCEL MEMBERSHIP: Return the Key Fob to the Superintendent's office. 

Children, College Students & The Fitness Center 

Children in the Fitness Center: Children in grades 6-12 may accompany a parent/guardian at no additional fee during community hours, as long as the parent/guardian is a paid Fitness Center member and assumes responsibility for supervision of their child at all times while in the fitness center. Children below 6th grade are not permitted.  A college student’s yearly membership is $50. This membership option  applies ONLY to current college students.


General Usage Rules

  1. Closed-toe shoes and appropriate athletic attire are required. Do NOT track snow, mud, dirt, etc. into the center (bring a change of clean gym shoes other than what is worn into the center).

  2. Wipe down / sanitize equipment after use.

  3. You are expected to act in a courteous and respectful manner. You are required to follow the instructions of BCLUW staff, if present, at all times. Profanity, yelling or rude behavior will not be tolerated.

  4. Food is not allowed in the facility. Closed beverage containers with water are permitted. No glass containers are allowed.

  5. Please use only one piece of equipment at a time (no supersets or circuits). If others are waiting to use a piece of equipment, please limit your time on it to no more than 30 minutes.

  6. After utilizing equipment, strip bars and return plates and dumbbells to proper storage areas. Do not lean plates against equipment, walls, etc.

  7. Do not drop weights, dumbbells, etc. to the floor for any reason.

  8. Please perform exercises with weight that you can safely lift without the need for spotting or contact with others.

  9. Use of a towel while working out is highly recommended. We do not provide towels at this time. Please bring your own.

  10. We ask users to try and “leave the center better than you found it”.  The condition of the center and treatment of the equipment will play a role in decisions on continuing this program.  We will try to have a broom and dustpan available, as well as rags and cleaning supplies.  Please help out!